Hafa Adai,

Welcome to the official website of the Office of Senator Thomas C. Ada.  Here you will find information about policy work undertaken by my office and myself.  Additional information on the Committee on Environment, Land, Agriculture, and Procurement Reform is also available.

Effective policies are best guided by informed community input, so please feel free to contact me with your ideas or concerns.

Si Yu’us Ma’ase,



Recent Legislation

  • Bill 361-34
    An Act to voluntarily zone “C” Commercial, that strip of land east of Route 1 Yigo from the Yigo Catholic Church to Tract 9210 Municipality of Yigo.
  • Bill 357-34
    An act to authorize I Magaʹlåhen Guåhan to exchange 324 square meters of Lot 12-2 REM in the Municipality of Agana Heights (government of guam land) with 324 square meters of Lot 12-9REM-R4 in the Municipality of Agana Heights (private land) to correct an encroachment by the Agana Heights sports and recreational facility.
  • Bill 356-34
    An act to validate Chamorro Land Trust Commission decisions relative to residential and agricultural leases; and to authorize and ratify leases issued from switched “application date & time”.
  • Bill 349-34
    An Act to correct a lot identification in certain documents amongst the Guam Telephone Authority, the government of Guam, Teleguam Holdings, LLC and the Chamorro Land Trust Commission.
  • Bill 348-34
    An Act to Authorize I Maga'lahen Guahan to sell a portion of the Old Agana-Piti road, Old Agana; Lot 237-R-1-R1, Old Agana, New Agana; a portion of Old Legaspi Street, Old Agana; Lot 237-R-1-1, Old Agana, New Agana; a portion of Old Legaspi street, Old Agana within new to the estate of Artemio M. Ilagan, deceased.