In an effort to de-conflict the use of government property, Senator Tom Ada has introduced Bill 52-34 which seeks to give priority to the use of Chamorro Land Trust (CLT) property for residential and agricultural use. The property in question, approximately 2-acres in size, was part of a six-acre area designated 23-years ago for the establishment of a mini-park and multi-recreational complex. To date however, neither of these facilities have been developed.

Bill 52-34 makes possible the realization of a recent decision by the Chamorro Land Trust Commission to prioritize land in the area for residential and agricultural leases; and to designate a different location for a mini-park and recreational complex”, Sen. Ada said. “Additionally, the new location for the mini-park and recreational facility will be placed under the administrative jurisdiction of the Office of the Yigo Mayor.”

The new site for the park and recreation complex is part of Tract 9210, a CLTC surveyed and mapped subdivision, and previously master-planned by the Chamorro Land Trust Commission. “Granting administrative jurisdiction of the recreational lot acreage to the Office of the Mayor of Yigo will make the Office eligible to compete for federal grants for the construction of the facilities,” according to Sen. Ada. “The recreational facilities, once built, would of course be available to the Chamorro Land Trust lessees living in this Land Trust subdivision, the residents of Yigo and the People of Guam. This effort is a result of collaboration between the Chamorro Land Trust Commission, the Mayor of Yigo and the Legislature.” according to Senator Tom Ada.