On Friday, September 1, 2017, Senator Tom Ada introduced Bill No. 169-34 (COR) which seeks to exempt real property taxes for the homes of disabled veterans with 100% disability as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Senator Tom Ada states, Numerous veterans have suffered a service connected disability, some more than others, resulting in a reduced capacity to maximize their earning potential.  Bill No. 169-34 (COR) helps provide much needed tax relief to those veterans who have been determined to be 100% Disabled.” Guam has about 400 veterans rated 100% Disabled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which is a prerequisite for the tax exemptions. Bill No. 169-34 (COR) will further extend those exemptions to surviving spouses, legal guardians and Gold Star spouses and parents.

“The spouse or legal guardian of a 100% Disabled Veterans have also sacrificed much to provide love and care for the Veteran. Hence, upon the passing of the Veteran the benefits that the Veteran was entitled to is normally passed on to the spouse or legal guardian. These families have also made a sacrifice and that sacrifice can never be replaced.” states Senator Ada. This will ensure that Guam’s Veterans continue to receive benefits in recognition of their dedicated military service regardless of their age. “These men, women, and families have dedicated military service to the country, and for this reason Bill No. 169-34 (COR) will provide lifetime access to such benefits.” added Senator Ada. These exemptions will allow Guam to follow the nation’s lead in helping those who served as all 50 states have some form of this real property tax exemption.

A copy of Bill 169-34 may be downloaded here or the Guam Legislature’s website (www.guamlegislature.org).

For more information, please contact Senator Tom Ada’s office at 473-3301.