Hagåtña, Guam: Senator Tom Ada has introduced Bill 34-34 (COR), an act to streamline the transparency requirements for the long-term leasing of public lands and related facilities. Current law, §5127 of Title 5 Guam Code Annotated, requires that any lease term longer than five years requires approval from the Legislature. And before any solicitations are issued a “Determination of Need” must first be issued by the Governor, or in the case of autonomous agencies the Board of Directors.

The intent of the transparency requirements is to ensure widest dissemination of information to prospective developers and investors about the availability of public lands or facilities that may be available for long term leasing,” said Sen Tom Ada. And, the law requires that the Legislature shall be the one to provide final approval, or disapproval, of a contract.

The “red tape” however can be streamlined by reducing the number of days, from 60 to 45 days, that the Legislature has to review a long-term lease that is under consideration by the government. And the requirement for a public hearing will be an option if the Chairman of the legislative committee having oversight jurisdiction on the matter, chooses to conduct a public hearing.

A copy of Bill 34-34 may be downloaded here. It may also be downloaded from the Guam Legislature Website, at www.GuamLegislature.com. For any additional information, please contact the Office of Senator Tom Ada at 473-3301.