Senator Tom Ada to Expand UOG Aquaculture Center

Hagåtña, Guam: On Thursday, February 02, 2017, Senator Tom Ada introduced Bill No. 18-34 (COR) to transfer land to the University of Guam (UOG) from the Chamorro Land Trust Lands Inventory. “The transfer is needed to enable the University of Guam’s marine hatchery to expand beyond the three (3) acres of land that it was established on forty (40) years ago” according to Senator Tom Ada. “Compensation for the land transfer, to the Chamorro Land Trust, shall be at fair market value”.

The existing Guam Aquaculture and Development Training Center (GADTC) was established in Fadian in the early ‘70s and is the largest and oldest aquaculture center in the Western Pacific. The GADTC is a hatchery where artificial breeding, hatching and rearing of sea life through the early life stages of fish and shellfish occur. It also serves as a learning and research center for the community, and a leading agency for aquaculture development for Guam and the Western Pacific. Management of the GADTC was given to the UOG in 2001. And in 2014, Governor E.B. Calvo signed the Deed to Fadian over to UOG.

The three (3) acres of property that the GADTC has operated on over the past four decades (40 years) is now insufficient to adequately support the growth needs of the facility and its research programs.

Bill No. 18-34 (COR) seeks to transfer that portion of Lot No. 5412-R11 that is contiguous to the hatchery’s current location in Mangilao; below the cliff line and fronting the eastern coastline. “Additional acreage is needed by the hatchery to provide the space needed to support the growth and expansion needs of the GADTC facility and its aquaculture research programs” said Senator Tom Ada. Lot No. 5412-R11 is the adjacent Lot which is comprised of seventy-three (73) acres.

A copy of Bill 18-34 may be downloaded here. It may also be downloaded from the Guam Legislature Website, at For any additional information, please contact the Office of Senator Tom Ada at 473-3301.