Environmental and Agriculture

  • Bill 236-34
    An Act Relative to Aboveground Storage of Regulated Substances.

Recent Legislation

  • Bill 300-34
    An Act to Authorize a commercial lease between the Mayor of Piti, the Piti Municipal Planning Council and the Guam Telephone Authority.
  • Bill 299-34
    An Act to Authorize I Magaʹlåhen Guåhan to exchange properties in the Municipality of Santa Rita to correct mutual encroachments and provide easement access to CLTC property and lessees.
  • Bill 298-34
    An Act to Authorize the Sale of Lot 31, Block 2, Tract 240, Municipality of Dededo, which is an abandoned undeveloped easement.
  • Bill 297-34
    An Act to Authorize the Sale of a Portion of the Old Dela Corte Street in Old Agana in the Municipality of Hagatna.
  • Bill 279-34
    An Act Relative to the General Service Agency and the Chief Procurement Officer.