Port Authority

  • Bill 283-32
    Relative to approving and adopting the Commercial Port's Master Plan Update 2013 Report.
  • Bill No. 52-32 (LS)
    Amending the Payment-In-Lieu-Of-Taxes Law
  • Bill No. 489-31 (COR)
    Rate relief by repealing the annual Payment-in-Lieu-of-Taxes assessed to autonomous agencies.
  • Res. No. 254-31 (COR)
    Affirming a "Balanced Modernization," as it relates to the Port Modernization Program
  • Bill No. 279-31 (COR)
    Eliminating tax exemption on transshipped liquid fuel, and appropriating revenues to GEPA, Mayors Council, OVA, GPD and GFD

Recent Legislation

  • Bill 349-34
    An Act to correct a lot identification in certain documents amongst the Guam Telephone Authority, the government of Guam, Teleguam Holdings, LLC and the Chamorro Land Trust Commission.
  • Bill 348-34
    An Act to Authorize I Maga'lahen Guahan to sell a portion of the Old Agana-Piti road, Old Agana; Lot 237-R-1-R1, Old Agana, New Agana; a portion of Old Legaspi Street, Old Agana; Lot 237-R-1-1, Old Agana, New Agana; a portion of Old Legaspi street, Old Agana within new to the estate of Artemio M. Ilagan, deceased.
  • Bill 343-34
    An Act to Exempt Lot B-1, Tract 111, Municipality of Tamuning from the alienation and reverter clause as stipulated in Public Law 21-14 section 9(d).
  • Bill 342-34
    An Act to Authorize the Chamorro Land Trust Commission to enter into a lease with the Guam Racing Federation to continue the Guam Raceway Park.
  • Bill 341-34
    An Act to Authorize the Department of Land management to land exchange, lots in the Ija area, municipality of Inalahan for lots in the “Gef Pago Area”.