Public Works

  • Bill 278-34
    An act to authorize the Department of Public Works to condemn Lot 2143-6R/W, lot 2143-1-6-R/W and lot 2143-1-5G, Municipality of Tamuning relative to the Route 14B (Ypao road) reconstruction and widening project.
  • Bill 277-34
    An act to authorize the Department of Public Works to condemn Lot 10, Suburban, Municipality of Inarajan for a temporary construction easement and for the Route 4 Ajayan bridge replacement project.
  • Bill 154-34
    An Act to Update Regulations for Off-Premise Signage.
  • Bill 63-33
    Exempting passengers of limousines from seat belt requirements.
  • Bill No. 61-32 (COR)
    Adopting the Guam Tropical Energy Code
  • Bill No. 472-31 (COR)
    Approving $75M GARVEE Bond for Highway Construction
  • Bill No. 464-30 (COR)
    Aiding DPW in hiring a Chief Engineer
  • Bill No. 266-30 (COR)
    Funding for Guam Veterans Cemetery
  • Bill No. 255-30 (COR)
    Restricting mobile phone use while driving
  • Bill No. 168-30 (LS)
    Relevant to Guam Encroachment laws
  • Bill No. 86-30 (LS)
    Appropriating funds to the Public Transit System

Recent Legislation

  • Bill 300-34
    An Act to Authorize a commercial lease between the Mayor of Piti, the Piti Municipal Planning Council and the Guam Telephone Authority.
  • Bill 299-34
    An Act to Authorize I Magaʹlåhen Guåhan to exchange properties in the Municipality of Santa Rita to correct mutual encroachments and provide easement access to CLTC property and lessees.
  • Bill 298-34
    An Act to Authorize the Sale of Lot 31, Block 2, Tract 240, Municipality of Dededo, which is an abandoned undeveloped easement.
  • Bill 297-34
    An Act to Authorize the Sale of a Portion of the Old Dela Corte Street in Old Agana in the Municipality of Hagatna.
  • Bill 279-34
    An Act Relative to the General Service Agency and the Chief Procurement Officer.